Local Community Activities

New Westminster Baha’is Children’s Classes

Help us Raise the Next Generation

Bahá’í classes and activities for children are raising a new generation of spiritually vibrant young people with the potential to grow up free from prejudice. Children learn that they are important to God and that they have a critical role to play in serving humanity and bettering the world.

Through music, stories, art, games, drama, and community service children learn about spiritual qualities, such as truthfulness, humility, and justice that will shape their lives and guide their choices.

Help the next generation grow up free from prejudice and give them the tools they need to build a better world. To learn more please contact us.

“O God! Educate these children… Let the Sun of Reality shine upon them with Thy love.”
—Bahá’í Writings

New Westminster Baha’is Devotionals

Join Us in Prayer

Prayer and meditation are food for the soul. We pray to praise God and to seek understanding. We pray for our loved ones. We pray for assistance in hard times and in gratitude for good times. We ask God to help us fulfill the purpose of our lives.

Bahá’í devotional gatherings are a time for people of all faiths and backgrounds to come together to share prayers in a dynamic and sacred atmosphere. Often held in homes or neighborhood centers, prayer meetings are free and open to all.

Join us for prayers, music and fellowship. For more details, contact us.

New Westminster Baha’is Study Circles

Expanding Our Vision

Learn together in study and service.

The Bahá’í Writings teach us that the purpose of life is to know and love God. A powerful way to do this is to study the Word of God and walk a path of service that helps build a better world.

In study circles, participants from all backgrounds gather in an encouraging environment to study spiritual subjects such as the power of prayer, the nature of the soul, life after death, and service to humanity. We believe that together we can learn to worship God, respect all people, and create a world we can pass on to our children with pride.

Join a study circle and discover a path of spiritual growth and service that is world embracing. To learn more please contact us.

“Let your vision be world embracing.”
—Bahá’í Writings

New Westminster Baha’is Junior Youth Groups

Empowering Our Youth

Youth can change the world!

Bahá’í programs for junior youth and teens give youth the tools they need to create spiritually centered lives. Tapping the creativity and energy of each participant, our programs empower youth to become their true selves.

Through study, service, friendship and the arts, youth gain a powerful understanding of their purpose in life. As they learn to care for mind, body and soul, participants begin to play important roles in their communities, leading forward-thinking activities and inspiring positive change.

Youth can lead us to a better day! As they learn to lead spiritually dynamic, creative lives youth can play important roles in building a better world. To learn more please contact us.

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