Annual General Meeting and Election of the New Assembly

The New Westminster Baha’i community held its Annual General Meeting this April 20th and elected the new Local Spiritual Assembly. After prayers and devotional music, members of the community took the time to fill out and hand in their ballots. 


Baha’i elections are performed by secret ballot, with no campaigning or nominations.  Each voter makes their decision privately, choosing nine adults in the community who they believe best, “combine the necessary qualities of unquestioned loyalty, of selfless devotion, of a well-trained mind, of recognized ability and mature experience.” (Shogi Effendi, Baha’i Administration)


While the ballots were tallied, the annual report was read, celebrating the year’s achievements.  Finally the nine members of this year’s LSA were announced. 

The new Ridvan Message, an annual address to Baha’i’s around the world by the Universal House of Justice, the Faith’s supreme administrative body, was also read.  The message can be read online here.  Plans to form study groups for the new message are underway. 


Thank you to everyone who participated and made the meeting a success!



Local Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of New Westminster (Elected April 21st, 2015)

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